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  Thursday, October 21, 2021 

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Who We Are is a London-based team of industry professionals that provide advanced tools and services to the real estate industry.

We knew there was a need for "high-end" real estate related services, and solutions that were affordable, simple, and EASY to incorporate into your daily business.

By bringing together the agents of ANY Canadian Real Estate company, and allowing ANY virtual tour to be posted to the site, we give the public a place where they can see hundreds of virtual tours of homes for sale in the privacy of their own homes.

We listened to needs and wants of the public and the Agents that we met, and built them...

After our first full year, the results are back... : ) and we have been able to make a dramatic difference in the success of the agents we work with.

Most of the agents that we have met so far realize that the industry has been changing. They know they must get up to speed if they wish to stay on top in this very competitive arena, but have been struggling with their Internet Technology, or avoiding it completely because they don't know where to start.

Agents are "people people" and not always "computer people". Most of the agents join the site because their fellow agents tell them about how we have helped their was created to help!

It is our goal is to provide industry specific tools, and innovative services to the Canadian realtor, buyer or vendor. All in a centralized location, where everyone's home can be well represented by high quality, fast loading, Virtual Openhouses and digital photos.

By working together to promote the homes, we can be sure that they are seen by thousands of potential buyers.

Stop wasting time and money! Selling, or buying a home does NOT have to be an inconvenience anymore.

Clean the house once... film it, and it is always perfect... and always ready to be shown.

We will continue to focus our efforts on providing the public with an easy-to-use website to find homes, and meet local agents... with no fear of "face-to-face" realtor sales pressure.

If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve the site, please call 1-581=333-2653 or email :)

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